Towny Upgrade Guide

Here are instructions for performing a Towny Upgrade from a previous version:

Towny Upgrade Instructions

  • Stop your server completely.
  • Backup your entire server!
  • Download and extract the .jar files into your plugins folder.
  • Start your server.
  • Stop your server.
  • Upgrade from pre-
    • The chat section of config.yml has been move to a new file, channels.yml. Edit the new channels.yml to your liking.
  • Upgrade from pre-
      • Towny has had TownyPerms added. This new file located at townysettingstownyperms.yml will be generated when you first start your server using Towny or higher.
      • TownyPerms adds town/nation ranks so server admins can specify what each rank can do (nomads, residents, mayors, kings, etc) Admins can also create custom ranks with custom permission sets. Any existing players set as assistants will lose their rank and need to have it re-assigned.
  • Start your server.