Plugins Compatible with Towny

The following plugins have used the Towny API to use their features according to the Towny plugin.

Lockette – Towny can remove the locks which are placed in plots using /plot clear.

ChestShop – Limit creation of chest shops to Towny shop plots. Requires ChestShop-Towny.

ecoCreature – Increase and decrease monetary rewards from killing monsters according to towns.

Towny Mobs – Towny Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your Town. They’ll attack enemy players and monsters.

Dynmap-Towny – Dynmap-Towny provides a simple way to add visibility of Towny towns and nations on Dynmap’s maps. The plugin depends on the presence of both Dynmap and Towny Advanced, and interacts directly with the Towny API.

McMMO-Towny – McMMO-Towny allows you to alter xp gains of mcmmo skills inside Towny towns.

Trails – Trails is a great RPG plugin that works on the premise that, in the real world, walking wears down trails and paths from dirt to stone, eventually. It can be limited to only affect the Towny wilderness.

GChat – A JSON style chat to use with the Towny Advanced Plugin. This plugin uses JSON formatting to provide a nice, clean looking chat but hold the characteristics of being able to still display information, it works very well with the best pocket projectors for displaying the game. This is a lightweight plugin built to work with and only with Towny Advanced, replacing the need for TownyChat.jar.

TownyGUI – A FREE GUI plugin for Towny’s commands, check it out!

TownyFlight – A Free Flight plugin, by LlmDl.