Release Version: Towny Advanced [1.13]

Towny Advanced for Minecraft 1.13 servers. Note: you can use this on 1.14 servers just put BARREL in the switch_id list. A 1.14 version is forthcoming.


  • Towny
  • TownyChat 0.55
  • TownyNameUpdater 2.0

New in Towny

Required Config changes for existing installs:

  • Change CLAY_BRICK to BRICK in the plugin.info_tool setting.
  • The protection.switch_ids list has changed a lot with the renaming of many materials. It is recommended you copy and paste the below line which is the new default setting for the switch list. You can then remove anything you do not want included as a switch.
    • switch_ids:
  • The protection.item_use_ids list has changed a lot with the renaming of many materials. It is recommended you copy and paste the below line which is the new default setting for the item_use list. You can then remove anything you do not want included as a blockable item.
    • item_use_ids:
  • protection.town_mob_removal_entities
  • protection.world_mob_removal_entities
  • global_town_settings.farm_plot_allow_blocks
    • Not included in the default list: DIRT,GRASS_BLOCK,FARMLAND
    • These might be something you want to add, if you want players to be able to mail farmland/sculpt more than just plants.
  • filters_colour_chat.regex.string_check_regex

New Config Option:

  • global_nation_settings.max_towns_per_nation
    • default: 0
    • If higher than 0, it will limit how many towns can be joined into a nation.
    • Does not affect existing nations that are already over the limit.

New commands:

  • TownyAdmin Commands:
    • /ta nation {nationname} recheck, courtesy of KarlOfDuty.
      • used to manually recheck if a nation’s towns are too far in cases where the nation capital has moved.
    • /ta resident {resident} unjail, courtesy of KarlOfDuty.
      • Admin command to unjail a resident.


  • Add TownyUniverse.getPlayerUUID(Resident) for getting the UUID of an online resident.
  • Added TheNewChat support, courtesy of creatorfromhell.
  • Added TownAddResidentRankEvent and TownRemoveResidentRankEvent events, courtesy of Artuto.
  • Added ignoreplots and constant plots to /res set mode ?
  • Make Netherrack ignitable in towns where firespread is turned off.
  • Make FARM plottypes follow plot perms to determine who can slaughter animals in them. Previously it only allowed town members to kill the animals.
  • More strings have been made translatable, courtesy of TheFlagCourier
    • ‘Total TownBlocks: ‘
    • ‘Processing Plot (Un)Claim…’
  • Towny events now support more helpful values for API users, courtesy of ArticDive.
  • Flagwar events are now cancellable via the API. Courtesy of Dave5080.
  • Handle playerfishevent bug where players were being fished.
  • Automatically remove deleted residents from town files and deleted towns from resident files, courtesy of KarlOfDuty.
  • Language files bumped to 0.49.
  • German.yml updated by Yasu-San & Sprungente.


  • Fix for Tridents being removed from existence when fired into non-PVP enabled areas.
  • Fix for NPE where Towny would try to jail a player for being killed by a townless player.
  • Fix for servers using CMI that cannot have jailed players sent to jail on respawn.
  • Fix for global_town_settings.keep_experience_on_death_in_town setting not appearing in configs.
  • Fix for claims still being charged despite using_economy: false.
  • Fix for ranks not being removed from offline players.
  • Fix plot perm line not being set properly on plots owned by someone who leaves town.
  • Fix typo in townyperms.yml
  • Fix edge-case scenario where using /ta set mayor can cause an NPC town to pay upkeep.
  • Fix Entity Info Tool displaying 4 outputs.
  • Fix for lack of feedback for admins when using /ta town {townname} kick {residents}
  • Fix for FARM plots protecting monsters.
  • Fix for offline players changing worlds causing an NPE when we try to assign them permissions.
  • Fix for explosion regeneration not preventing drops.
  • Fix blocking of villager baby spawning.
  • Fix for the fix for explosion regeneration not preventing drops.
  • Fix for adding or removing ranks returning Null.
  • Fix for obnoxious givebonus message showing at times it should not have appeared.
    • givebonus message version 2.0 is now in effect.
  • Fix farm plots not allowing for killing of allowed animals.
  • Fix for towny.admin’s not having the ability to set plots notforsale.
  • Fix nation-disbanding-due-to-not-enough-residents not saving the town/nation properly.
  • Fix scenario where town and nation spawn costs were not what was set by the town/nation and only used the config’s costs.
  • Fix for nationzones not respecting config settings.
  • Courtesy of Articdive:
    • Fix for long board messages losing their colouring.
    • Fix for regex not working.
    • Fixed Citizens NPCs being able to be invited.
    • Fixed Smoke border particles appearing to be on the wrong.
    • Fix permissions HUD from throwing an exception.
    • Fix the last of the async events.
  • Courtesy of KarlOfDuty:
    • Fix players being able to join open towns over their pop cap.
    • Fix typo.
    • Fixed an exploit where towns with no plots circumvented minimum claim distance settings.
    • Fix for safe mode when reading outdated outlaw list in towns.
    • Fix for /res spawn getting players out of jail, courtesy of KarlOfDuty.
  • Courtesy of creatorfromhell:
    • Fix revert-on-unclaim system to work with 1.13 and newer blockstates.
    • Fix async change required for 1.14
  • Courtesy of TheFlagCourier:
    • Fix a missing teleportcause.
    • Switch Towny over to using getItemInMainHand.
  • Courtesy of BarnabyD:
    • Fix mobremovaltimer task from being as laggy.


  • REMOVE CONFIG OPTION: protection.regen_delay
    • Was added via one-time contributer long long ago.
    • Worked poorly and was usually turned on by admins without realizing what it would do.
  • REMOVED FEATURE: /tw regen {undo}
    • Feature used to regenerate the chunk where the player stood.
    • Optional undo could undo up to 5 of the last regenerations.
    • Feature removed in order to get Towny to compile on 1.13 servers, should be returned at some future date.
  • Removal of bPerms from the codebase. If you are still using bPerms I sure hope that it’s completely Vault compliant now.
  • Removal of native iConomy 5.01 support.
    • iConomy 5.01 is no longer developed by the Towny team. There are new versions (Currently at 5.08) which use Vault to connect with Towny and other plugins.
  • Removal of PermissionsEX from the codebase.
    • The plugin has been discontinued.
    • Users who continue to use PermissionsEX may do so at their own risk.
    • Some functionality may still work through the Vault fallback methods.
  • Removed Feature: cheat_protection
    • This feature existed originally as a way to block players from using client-side blocks to jump over walls.
    • It has become less-than-reliable and after 1.13 added swimming it has become a problem.
    • Due to the common use of actual anti cheat plugins we are removing this feature entirely. If it still appears as an option in your config you can remove it safely.
  • Removed sqlite from listed valid database types. Reports are that it is broken, but almost no one uses it vs h2/mysql.
  • Removed Config Setting: using_permissions.
    • This setting goes back to the days when bukkit did not have in-built permissions, and all permissions related things relied on Permissions/GroupManager/etc.
    • There is no scenario now where the server doesn’t have permissions (everyone at least has the built-in BukkitPermissions.)
    • Some admins were setting this config option to False trying to solve other issues related to permissions and it was becoming problematic.

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