Release Version: Towny Advanced [1.9.4]

Towny Advanced for Minecraft 1.9.4


  • Towny
  • TownyChat 0.47
  • TownyNameUpdater 1.0
  • Questioner 0.6

New in Towny

New commands:

  • None

Changes to Permission nodes:

  • None

New Permission Nodes:

  • this node allows the use of “/t claim #, /t claim rect # and /t claim auto”.
    • It is not given by default to normal users having the node to use /t claim.
    • It is given to players have “towny.admin”.

Config.yml Changes:

  • REQUIRED CONFIG ADDITIONS for existing installs:
  • under town_mob_removal_entities: add Shulker,
    • they are not considered Monsters and if you want them to not teleport into town they must be added to the config.
    • new installs will have Shulker as a default.
  • under global_town_settings.farm_plot_allow_blocks: add “,BEETROOT_BLOCK,CHORUS_PLANT,CHORUS_FLOWER”,
    • new installs will have have these already as they are considered plants for farm plots by default.


  • Cancel bad lingering potions from being used in plots without pvp.
  • API Addition: Added getCachePermission(Player player, Location location, Material material, ActionType action)
  • Add EnderCrystal to the group of entities which are protected in a town.

Bug Fixes!

  • Fix CraftPlayer Error due to Scoreboards when players quit the server.
  • Fix for piston bug care of NathanAdhitya.
  • Fix for bug that will effect 1.11 involving trampling of crops (Credit for finding bug goes to Qball.)

TownyChat Changes:

  • Add ability to use colour codes (&) in chat line. Requires which is not given by default.
  • Add ability to use Bold (&l), Italics (&o), Underline (&n), Magic (&k), Strike (&m) and Reset (&r) in the channel_format lines/tag_formats/directly in the chat line.

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