Release Version: Towny Advanced [1.8.3+]

Towny Advanced for Minecraft 1.8.3+

Warning! This build is made for versions of Craftbukkit or Spigot made after March 22, 2015. MC 1.8.3 and newer!

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  • Towny
  • TownyChat 0.45
  • TownyNameUpdater 1.0
  • Questioner 0.6

New in Towny

New commands:

  • Added /ta resident {oldname} rename {newname}:
    This renames a player’s account to a new name. Useful for players who’ve changed their minecraft account name.
  • Added /ta resident {name}:
    This command can be used from console to look up a resident’s information, similar to /ta town {name}.
  • /plot set jail – Sets a jail plot and jail spawn.
  • /resident jail paybail – Allows a player to pay to get out of jail. Funds go to the town which owns the Jail.
  • /town set jail – Resets a jail plot’s spawn to current position within a jail plot.
  • /town toggle jail [number] [residentname] – Sends a resident of your town to the jail spawn number specified. Same command unjails a player.

Changes to Permission nodes:

  • None

New Permission Nodes:

  • – towny.command.plot.set.jail
  • – towny.command.resident.jail
  • –
  • –

Config.yml Changes:

  • jail.is_jailing_attacking_enemies: (default: false)
    – If true attacking players who die on enemy-town land will be placed into the defending town’s jail if it exists.
  • jail.jail_is_allowing_ender_pearls: (default: false)
    – If true jailed players can use Ender Pearls but are still barred from using other methods of teleporting.
  • jail.bail.is_allowing_bail: (default: false)
    – If true players can pay a bail amount to be unjailed.
  • jail.bail.bail_cost: (default: 10)
    – Amount that bail costs.
  • (default: 0.0)
    – Default amount of tax of a new town. This must be lower than the economy.daily_taxes.max_tax_percent setting.
  • default_taxes.shop_tax: (default: 0.0)
    – Default amount of shop tax of a new town.
  • default_taxes.embassy_tax: (default: 0.0)
    – Default amount of embassy tax of a new town.
  • default_taxes.taxpercentage: (default: false)
    – Default status of new town’s taxpercentage. True means that the default_tax is treated as a percentage instead of a fixed amount.
  • jail.jail_denies_town_leave: (default: false)
    – If false jailed players can use /town leave, and escape a jail.
  • Added a new entry in Nation levels ‘nationTownUpkeepModifier’. (default: 1.0)
    – Joining a nation can now lower/raise how much town upkeep your town pays.
    – This multiplier is calculated after all other multipliers have their effect on the town upkeep cost.
    – (Configs will not update for this. To enable, delete the nation_level entries and Towny will add a fresh set of data upon startup,
    OR manually add nationTownUpkeepModifier: 1.0 to each nation_level.)


  • Added TownyNameUpdater.jar – courtesy of backcab, this automatically changes players name’s in the database when they’ve changed their MC name.
  • Add missing ‘/ta set capital’ information to command.
  • Add to town delete confirmation question, clarifying that townblocks will revert if the town’s world has revertonunclaim: true status.
  • Add missing nodes to plugin.yml.
  • Add default tax, embassytax, shoptax and taxpercentage settings for new towns in teh config.yml.
  • Add a better /town list and /nation list screen. /n list now shows resident count as well as town count.
  • Add mention of Town and Nation to question posed to people receiving town and nation invites.
  • Add Jail plots:
    • Players can become jailed if:
      • The player’s mayor/sheriffs send them to jail.
      • An attacker who attacks a town which considers him an Enemy (Nation-relationship) dies in that Town. He is sent to the first available Jail plot of the defending town.
    • Jailed players become unjailed if:
      • they leave their town and become a nomad,
      • the mayor/sheriff unjails them,
      • the player pays a bail amount to the town which jailed them,
      • they manage to escape the jail plot and the town and get into Wilderness.
    • Jailed players cannot teleport.
    • Jailed players cannot use Ender Pearls unless enabled in the config.
    • Jailed players who die are sent back to their prescribed jail plot.
    • Jailed players do not give monetary payouts when they are killed.
    • Jailed players show their jailed status in the /res [playername] screen, along with the town they are jailed in.
    • It is suggested you make a new town rank in the townyperms.yml called Sheriff, and give that rank the node. Newly generated townyperms.yml files will contain this rank by default.
  • Allow worldname.txt PlotManageIgnoreIDs to handle datavalues to blocks, ex: STONE:1
  • Add message to be more helpful when players are attempting to kick themselves, a mayor or an assistant from town.
  • Handle new BlockExplodeEvent, caused by world.createExplosion().
    – If a world’s revert explosion setting is true, a world.createExplosion() will automatically revert.
    – As of this build Towny requires a version of Craftbukkit or Spigot made after March 22, 2015. MC 1.8.3 and newer.
  • Add MultiWorld to plugin.yml softdepend list.

Bug Fixes!

  • Fix price_death_nation paying out 100% of a nation’s bank even when set less than 100%.
  • Arena plots no longer allow for PVP death payments.
  • Check if a plot name contains invalid characters when using /plot set name NAME.
  • Plot prices are now capped at 1000000 in order to keep mysql databases from storing exponential numbers and crashing.
  • Fix removing plot names using /plot set name.
  • Protect Armour Stands from Wither Skulls and the initial Wither explosion.
  • Fix min/max distance from towns so they only check in the same world.
  • Fix long-standing issue with rare cases of OutpostSpawns not being set and removed properly.
  • Fix bug with DeathPayments not handling some monster and pvp kills.
  • Fix Towny globalmessages from displaying in worlds with Towny turned off.
  • Fix help screen of ‘/plot set perm ?’
  • Fix plots owned by non-townmembers notFix plots owned by non-townmembers not being alterabled by the town’s mayor and other priviledged town members. being alterabled by the town’s mayor and other priviledged town members.
  • Possible fix to deleted towns not announcing their deletion message.
  • Remove bukkit version matching on startup as there are no new official version of bukkit to test against.
  • Fix uncalled newNationEvent.
  • Fix SQL
  • Fix language files not updating automatically.
  • Fix to handle moving NPCs from Citizens2. x2
  • Fix for creepers damaging ItemFrames.
  • Remove config options for Nation and Town creation for admins only, as this has been controlled by permission nodes for a long time now.
  • Fix case where plots couldn’t be altered by the mayor if the player who owns it has no town.
  • Fix TownyEntityMonitorListener error.
  • Fix to the new /town and /nation list commands.
  • Update spanish.yml to version 0.23 courtesy of Alvarote1998.
  • Add new es-mx.yml for Mexican spanish courtesy of VreyaViress.
  • Filter bad characters from /town set board command.
  • Fix internal error when a player with no town does /towny prices.
  • Fix animals in Towns not being protected in some cases when shot from an unclaimed/wilderness plot.

TownyChat Changes:

  • add a new chatconfig.yml option:
    – modify_chat.alone_message: (default: false) – If true any player who speaks in a channel in which he cannot be heard, either by being along in the channel or out-of-range of another player in his chat channel, that player will see a message saying they cannot be heard.
  • add a /ch list command to list what channels a player is currently listening to. Courtesy of Yaiyan.
  • Add chatconfig.yml option for modifying the ‘no one can hear you’ message.

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