Towny Advanced [CB 1.5.2]

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Create Date19th September 2015

Towny Advanced for Minecraft 1.5.2
This is a special release of Towny for 1.5.2, so that servers running older versions of Minecraft/Bukkit can update.


  • Towny
  • TownyChat 0.40
  • Questioner 0.6

New in Towny

New commands:

  • None

Changes to Permission nodes:

  • None

New Permission Nodes:

  • None

Config.yml Changes:

  • None


  • Add debug message on errors saving data.
  • Added and expanded upon PriceDeath. Adds ability to do fixed or percentage penalties to dying. These can affect personal, town, nation banks and be configured to be PVP only or from monster-deaths.
  • Added Inn plot types. - These allow anyone to use a bed to set their '/res spawn' as long as they are not an enemy

Bug Fixes!

  • Fix displaying the changelog update in console.
  • Fix a bug where a server restart after a resident leaves a town results in him retaining his old town plots.
  • Prevent starting an Event War if using_economy: false in the config.
  • Prevent toggling chat spy without the relevant permission node (
  • Prevent lost funds on purchasing bonus plots.
  • Add missing refund code to the Eco object (coaster3000).

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