Dev Build: TownyChat.jar 0.52

Our new dev build for townychat, 0.52, is now available for download on the Towny Repo

Warning! This build is made for CB/Spigot servers running Towny or newer!

Head there and download it.


    - This Build Requires Towny version or newer!
    - Commented configuration now in effect on the ChatConfig.yml
      - This means that new config nodes will be automatically added (just like in Towny.)
      - pre-0.52 chatconfig files will load but will be slightly out of order. 
      - It is recommended that you let TownyChat make a brand new chatconfig.yml
        - stop your server.
        - rename your chatconfig.yml to oldchatconfig.yml and let town.
        - start your server. 
        - compare the two chatconfigs and when your new chatconfig.yml is configured save it and use '/townychat reload'.
      - The worlds section of the chatconfig will not auto-generate until the modify_chat.enable setting is set to true.
        - If you do not see a worlds section and want to use per-world chat, set the modify_chat.enable setting to true and use '/townychat reload'.
    - All strings have been made translate-able. Failure to use Towny Version or newer will mean you see no messages.
    - Improved error seen when channels.yml or chatconfig.yml will not load.