Dev Build: Towny Advanced [1.11.2+]

Our new dev build for towny,, is now available for download on the Towny File-Repo.

Warning! This build is made for CB/Spigot servers running 1.11.2 -> 1.12.2!

This build has two very cool new features:
– Nation Zones
– Brand new invites system

Read about them in the changelog below, note: there are required config changes!:


    - German.yml updated to 0.39 by Wolf2323.
    - Required Config addition:
      - add ",BOAT_BIRCH,BOAT_ACACIA,BOAT_DARK_OAK,BOAT_JUNGLE,BOAT,BOAT_SPRUCE" to the protection.item_use_ids if you would like boats to be prevented using the Item_Use protection.
    - Fix for edge-case item frame protection.
    - Language files bumped to 0.40.
    - Fix for min_distance_from_town_plots in config not being checked during initial claiming of new town.
    - Fix for towny-server account losing money when closed economy is enabled in the config and a town or nation changes its name.
    - Spanish.yml updated to 0.40 by SeDark.
    - Fix for mayors who aren't allowed perms in resident-owned plots.
    - Add new API options:    
      - TownyWorld.getClosestTownFromCoord(Coord key, Town nearestTown) 
      - TownyWorld.getClosestTownWithNationFromCoord(Coord key, Town nearestTown)
      - Both return the nearest town.
    - New Feature: Nation Zones.
      - Nation Zones are a special type of wilderness surrounding Capitals of Nations or Nation Capitals and their Towns.
      - When it is enabled players who are members of the nation can use the wilderness surrounding the town like normal.
      - Players who are not part of that nation will find themselves unable to break/build/switch/itemuse in this part of the wilderness.
      - The amount of townblocks used for the zone is determined by the size of the nation and configured in the nation levels.
      - Capital towns can have an extra amount of padding added to their zone. 
      - Because these zones are still wilderness anyone can claim these townblocks.
      - It is recommended that whatever size you choose, these numbers should be less than the min_plot_distance_from_town_plot otherwise
        someone might not be able to build/destroy in the wilderness outside their town.
      - a new entry to all of your nation_levels in the config must be added, otherwise Towny will not start up properly.
      - add 'nationZonesSize: #' to each nation_level.
      - default settings are between 1 and 3.
      - If you do not want to do this you can delete the nation_level section of your config and Towny will re-create it with the missing lines and new default settings.
    - New Config Option: global_nation_settings.nationzone.enable
	  - default: false
	  - Nation zone feature is disabled by default. This is because it can cause a higher server load for servers with a large player count.
	- New Config Option: global_nation_settings.nationzone.only_capitals
	  - default: true
      - When set to true, only the capital town of a nation will be surrounded by a nation zone type of wilderness.
    - New Config Option: global_nation_settings.nationzone.war_disables
      - default: true
      - When set to true, nation zones are disabled during the the Towny war types.
    - New Config Option: global_nation_settings.nationzone.capital_bonus_size
	  - default: 0
      - Amount of buffer added to nation zone width surrounding capitals only. Creates a larger buffer around nation capitals.		
    - New Feature: Vastly-improved Invite/Requests/Confirmations System! by Articdive.
      - Question.jar no longer required! After serving it's purpose for 7 years and requiring only 6 version changes, Questioner is finally retiring.
      - Towny's system of Invites, Ally requests and important Confirmations are now handled in-house by Towny.jar.
      - New config section: Invites System.
        - You can set the commands used for accept, deny, confirm, cancel.
        - You can set limits on how many invites and requests can be sent and received independently.
        - You can set how long in minutes a player has to have been on the server before they can receive invites from Towns.
        - Greater detail/information is found in the new config section's comments.
      - REQUIRED CONFIG CHANGE: You must reset your Invite Cooldown Time, if you were using it.
      - REQUIRED TOWNYPERMS CHANGE: You must change the nation.assistant permission to*
      - The new system can handle multiple invites sent to players, towns and ally-requests between nations (when one-way nation relationships are disallowed.)
        - Invites do not persist across server restarts.
        - Invites can be sent using the old /t add {name} and /n add {name} commands.
        - Alternatively you can use the new /t invite and /n invite commands for much more information.
        - Single invites can be accepted/denied by players using the /accept or /deny commands.
          - Multiple invites can be seen using /invites, and you can use /accept {town} or /deny {town}
        - Towns accept nation invitations using /t invite accept {nationname}
        - Towns deny nation invitations using /t invite deny {nationname}
        - Nations accept alliance requests using /n ally accept {nationname}
        - Nations deny alliance requests using /n ally deny {nationname}
      - New Confirmation's are sent to player unclaiming all of their plots, deleting their town or nation and to admins who are using the /ta resident purge command.
        - Towny Admins do not have to confirm deleting a town or nation, so be careful!
    - Fix /town buy bonus command not being at all helpful when not enabled fully through the config.
    - Add LOG_2,VINE,NETHER_WARTS,COCOA to config's default unclaimed.unclaimed_zone_ignore list.
    - Italian.yml updated to 0.41 by Dracarys.
    - German.yml updated to 0.42 by Wolf2323.
    - Fix NPE when nation zones are used and there's no nations.
    - New permission node: towny.admin.nation_zone
      - Child node of towny.admin
      - Made so that mods who dont have towny.admin can bypass the nation zone protection.
    - Italian.yml updated to 0.41 by Leomixer17.
    - Spanish.yml updated to 0.42 by SeDark.
    - Fix an NPE that could occur in the wilderness from explosions.
    - Made it so that town and nation ranks can contain capitol letters. Rank permissions remain lowercased.
    - Fix area claiming not respecting the min_plot_distance_from_town_plot setting in the config.
    - Players who are in towns now receive a permission node,{townname}. 
      - This can be useful for server operators who want to test if a player has a permission node to make sure they are part of a town.
      - Examples could include an NPC that required a specific permission node to interact with.
    - New Config Option: economy.spawn_travel.town_spawn_cost_paid_to_town
	  - default: true
	  - When set to true, any cost paid by a player to use any variant of '/town spawn' will be paid to the town bank.
	  - When false the amount will be paid to the server account whose name is set in the closed economy setting.
	- Fix cost not being used when the '/plot forsale {cost} within {radius}' command is ussed. 
	- Fix mayors not being able to work on blocks inside of their own personal plots when they do not have the towny.claimed.owntown.* node.

Other recent changes since the last release build:

    - Fix for PlayerLeaveTownEvent not firing.	
    - Fix for german.yml.
    - New config option: economy.death.percentage_cap
      - default: 0.0
      - A maximum amount paid out by a resident from their personal holdings for percentage deaths.
      - Set to 0 to have no cap.
    - Language files bumped to 0.37
    - Friendly fire message now displays.
    - New Command: /ta tpplot {world} {x} {z}
      - Requires towny.admin permission node
      - teleports admin to the Towny chunk coordinates seen in the /towny map command.
      - be careful with large numbers, you could be teleported farther than you think and end up generating chunks.
    - New Permission Node:
      - Required to use /town unclaim all
      - Is a child node of* , which is a child node of* 
    - New Config Option: notification.owner_shows_nation_title
      - default: false
      - If the notification.owner option should show name or {title} name. Titles are the ones granted by nation kings.
    - Fix for the minimum_amount_of_residents_in_town_for_outpost option in the config breaking claiming normal, non-outpost chunks.
      - Credit goes to Wolf2323 for finding and fixing this bug.
    - Fix for mob spawner blocks not regenerating properly using the wilderness explosion revert.
    - Give the admin info tool awareness of Doors.
    - Fix door regeneration in the wilderness, also preparation for 1.13's loss of Block IDs.
    - Give the admin info tool awareness of Signs.
    - Fix sign regeneration in the wilderness, also preparation for 1.13's loss of Block IDs.
    - Fix inventoryholders, piston, attachables, hanging regeneration in preparation for 1.13's loss of Block IDs.
    - Fix trees, stairs and gates in regards to regeneration in the wild in prep for 1.13's loss of Block IDs. 
    - Fix bad URL in config at protection.town_mob_removal_entities 
    - Added TownPreClaimEvent by Abs0rbed. 
      - This event can be called by other region plugins, to cancel Towny claims inside of them. 
      - When the event is cancelled, Towny will stop short of charging for the townblock.
    - Language files bumped to 0.38.
      - Italian.yml updated by Leomixer17. 
    - Fix for scenario where a torch connected to the top of a block will leave a placeholder below it when it is exploded and reverted.
    - Fix for slabs and wooden slabs not regenerating properly when exploded.
    - Spanish.yml updated to 0.38 by SeDark.
    - Updated command: /t outpost {#|name|name:Name}, by ArticDive.
      - Command now accepts the {name} which would be a plot name set on an outpost.
      - Names can be seen using the '/t outpost list' command.
      - In the case that a plot begins with a number you may use the {name:NameHere} option.
      - If a town has set the same plot name on two outpost they would have to use the outpost number, towny will select the first outpost with the matched name.
    - Fix for stained clay, stained glass, stained glass panes, concrete, concrete powder not maintaining their colours after exploding and reverting.
    - Fix for shulker boxes reverting.
    - Changed Config Option: expanded town spawn options, courtesy of Wolf2323
      - The following settings:
        - global_town_settings.allow_town_spawn
        - global_town_settings.allow_town_spawn_travel
        - global_town_settings.allow_town_spawn_travel_nation
        - global_town_settings.allow_town_spawn_travel_ally
      - Used to support the values True and False,
      - Now support True, False, War, Peace.
        - This would allow players to only use /town spawn when there is a war or when there is not.
      - No change is required to be made in your config, simply change the true/false value to war/peace if you would like to use this feature.
    - Language files bumped to 0.39.
    - New Config Option: global_town_settings.keep_inventory_on_death_in_town courtesy of ArticDive
      - Default: false
      - When set to true players should keep their inventories upon death in any town.
      - Not guaranteed to work on servers that already use a keep inventory plugin.
    - New Config Option: global_town_settings.keep_inventory_on_death_in_town courtesy of ArticDive
      - Default: false
      - When set to true players should keep their experience level upon death in any town.
      - Not guaranteed to work on servers that already use a keep experience plugin.