Dev Build: Towny Advanced [1.9.4+]

Our new dev build for towny,, is now available for download on the Towny File-Repo.

Warning! This build is made for CB/Spigot servers running 1.9.4 and newer only!


 	- Bukkit.jar used for development set to 1.9.2
 	- Cancel bad lingering potions from being used in plots without pvp.
 	- REQUIRED CONFIG ADDITIONS for existing installs:
 	  - under town_mob_removal_entities: add Shulker, 
 	  - they are not considered Monsters and if you want them to not teleport into town they must be added to the config.
 	  - new installs will have Shulker as a default.
 	- API Addition: 
 	  - Added getCachePermission(Player player, Location location, Material material, ActionType action)
 	- Add EnderCrystal to the group of entities which are protected in a town.  
 	- Fix CraftPlayer Error due to Scoreboards when players quit the server.
 	- Bukkit.jar used for development set to 1.9.4